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Validation from World

” Experience life through most precious lens, not through the lens of camera and someone’s excellent photography skills.”

Should I upload pictures of myself
In some elegant dress
To get the validation that
I am beautiful

Should I make a video
Every time I dance with joy
To get the validation that
I am happy

Should I proclaim
Yeah!! I am in love
To get the validation that
I also have a cute love story

Should I show you the tickets
Every time I go on a vacation
To get the validation
That I am also having fun

Should I make pointless conversation
With everyone around me
To get the validation
That I am social

Should I behave and talk
In a particular way and language
To get the validation
That I am educated

Should I tell the world
Every moment I breathe
To get the validation
That I am alive

Should I keep buzzing
Yeah! My life is beautiful
Even better than everyone else
To get the validation
That I have an abundant life.

Should I keep begging for validation?
Should I?
Do I really need these validations?


जब जिंदगी जीया तब दुनिया का ख़्याल था,
और जब दुनिया में दिखावा था तब जिंदगी नहीं.”

थाम कर हाथ सरेआम चूम ले तो इश्क़ मत समझना तस्वीरों की मुस्कराहट अक्सर झूटी होती है

चलते हुए राह मुड़ के देख ले तो फिक्र मत समझना
भागने वालों को अक्सर पकड़े जाने का ड़र रहता है

गर चमक रहे हैं चेहरे तो बेदाग़ मत समझना
पहन कर मुखौटे ही अक्सर वारदातें होती हैं

सोने के गहनों से खुद को लाद ले, तो खरा मत समझना

जनाज़ा भी अक्सर फूलों से सजाया जाता है


Sharing your happiness with the world on social media by uploading photographs and videos etc is much appreciated, but creating an opinion that those who are not doing the same are not happy in their lives, is not a sensible act.
Now a days everything is governed by social media, is there any photographs, videos etc are floating on the web or not?
How well anything is being flaunted is directly proportional to the thinking of people.

What you think about this?

Feel free to give your views in the comment section of this poem.

Your comments are precious to me.

Please give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.

Let my blog, grow with you

🌿Spread the Ray of Sunshine🌿

रश्मि 🌿

85 thoughts on “Validation from World

  1. It seems these days (or maybe it was always like this) everyone needs receipts. But that kind of life is truly stifling. Simply ‘making pointless conversation’ sounds so easy but really it’s suffocating. I wish people could allow themselves to be more themselves. We sacrifice a lot in the name of fitting in and getting along with everyone else.


  2. I appreciate your wise musings Priyamvada. It’s important to feel validation from within and remember that much of social media is presenting our best face, not necessarily the truth. May we thrive in genuine self-love.


  3. Social media, while a great tool for staying in touch and meeting new people has also created issues. I believe these issues are a symptom of a greater problem caused by insecurity. Yes, I’m old enough to remember the pre-internet days and sometimes I long for them.


  4. Really enjoyed reading it. And yes, i do agree that though Social Media has become a part of our lives, it’s nothing more than superficial beauty. Each person has the right to depth in their lives.

    Beautifully written.😊


  5. Not everything is online. Twitter is actually not that widespread, and Facebook has NOT taken over the world. It’s easy to confuse. It SEEMS like social media is everything, a god, when you’re on it, flooded with the lives of others. A single life is a flood. Ask a parent. That many? Too many. Well, up to you. The metaphor, I mean. In any case, yes, validation, and no, validation. Shame. Sometimes. Just up to you. Build a profile. Sing. Care. Get wrecked. The paranoia. I have my reasons for being cautious. You can do the same. You can not.


  6. It’s called behavioral post syndrome. Where everybody knows their name in that N.ormal E.motional T.echnology. and yes where Norm is your Santa Claus 🎅 at that corner of the bar listens and never gets up until a call from his wife to come home. So yes, the net has become our “Cheers”. So everybody knows your name.


  7. It is inherent with our circumstance to wish to be both understood and interesting. It is something God as Always is providing to God as Always. We feel motivated to be understood and interesting and when it occurs we are given a supreme feeling. To seek approval or validation from people who depreciate you certainly isn’t what feels good, so, we can be interested with being around people that can appreciate interests that are good (continuable) and appreciable (can be added to). It’s natural to want to show and talk about what is interesting or peace giving, but some people in our environments are not conscious there. Understand an intention for them to be united with you, if you are doing what you know how to do, or for your environment to be arranged in a way that supports other people to be provided relating to your interests. Light is interesting.


  8. Thank you for sharing this poem with the world!
    I’m not really a social media savvy person, this account and my blog being the only exception, but I’ve come to realise that you don’t need any sort of validation from others to do the things you love in any aspects of life. What’s most important is loving yourself with all your strength and all your weaknesses, be that sunshine in your own life that you wish would shine down on you and share that with others. Because, I’ve found that you cannot truly love another or feel compassion for another if you don’t truly love and feel compassion for yourself first 😉
    … and thank you for the like 🙂


  9. I have no social media footprint other than wordpress due to a combination of laziness and a clinging to my privacy in a world of smiling selfies-, and no I’m not a paranoid loner! Nicely written, too Thanks for the drop by.


  10. Soren Kierkegaard wrote about young people being focused on the aesthetic life. A life of experience and beauty engaged in by the young. Social media has accentuated that drive. So much energy invested in creating those instagram moments which paint a picture of a beautiful life…when it fact life is all the stuff that happens between those pictures. Excellent and impact-laden work.


  11. I agree that we shouldn’t really require validation from others to know that our lives have worth and meaning. On the other hand, it does feel good now and then. And it’s nice to know when someone else feels the same way that you do about something. But for certain, our society is way too preoccupied with how we appear to other people.


  12. Wow! What a wonderful message. Others really don’t determine if we are happy or not, why should we be accountable to them for everything we do? If you’re happy, you are. You don’t need others to follow your lifestyle to determine how you feel. Once again, good job.


  13. Jean-Paul Sartre said we live only in the eyes of other people. Your poem refutes this tenet of his philosophy. It’s true we drive each other crazy when we deny each other validation, whether by internet or in the flesh. Or maybe Sartre had it all wrong and you are right that one’s experience is enough. I hadn’t really thought about it before. I initially started a blog to make friends, not necessarily to impress anyone. IMO everyone needs friends— or is this debatable too? Can anybody exist in a vacuum?


  14. I think it depends on the person. Some may do it for validation, but others may simply do it to share, inspire or express their creativity. There’s always more than one perspective. We can definitely be too quick to make assumptions and judge others based on what we see. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but maybe it’s worth a handful of opinions too. While I know that not everyone is sincere, I like to look for the best in everyone. For example, you’re a thinker. That’s a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing.

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  15. Very nicely penned 🙂 I grew up long before the Internet and social media, and view it warily–young people are dying because they don’t know there are things that shouldn’t be shared with a world of strangers. For me, at age 67, validation comes from God who loves me unconditionally. I pray that everyone would experience that too ❤ Blessings to you, and thank you for visiting my new blog 🙂

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  16. “Validation” should be the secondary focus for a human, though it has become a primary focus for today’s time. In the past, this was different.

    For example, in the past, a woman already knew that she was beautiful, that she could mingle in society and make people smile. Everyone in those days knew that was already in her Nature, in her blood, and part of a woman. Beauty, in those days, was known to be already part of a woman, as there was no need to artificially enhance it.

    Though, with all the magazines targeted towards a woman, “validation” in terms of appearance, has become strict, for no real reason, other than to strength business dealings. Every page that a woman turns in one of these magazines lower her self-esteem, and make her feel as if she isn’t good enough. That is, they remove the association of beauty in a woman, over simply reminding her that it is already there. These magazines have made a woman forget who she is, and convince her to believe that she always needs more.

    You look upon the actresses from the 1940’s, and even earlier, and you will see from them that they didn’t need to “try hard” to be beautiful, or stunning. Everyone simply knew it, that they were beautiful, and there’s nothing more to say.

    As each person should know with even the slightest understanding of Psychology, the human brain is incapable of having two primary focuses. So… if the body or appearances, are today’s primary focus for a woman, then she will neglect her intelligence. Mind and body, two things that Buddhists necessarily separate.

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  17. Social media. I’ve avoided it like the plague for 12 years. I’m a writer now, and am learning that it’s an unavoidable necessity in the publishing world. Kind of sad, in my opinion. I find it difficult to find a balance between living my real life and engaging in what I feel is a mostly fake social media life.

    Yet, If i wasn’t checking things out online, I WOULDN’T HAVE FOUND YOUR POEM. And I love it!

    Perhaps the best part is the message that we shouldn’t judge. Don’t judge others for diving head-first into the social media world, and don’t judge others for really wishing they didn’t have to be involved. As flesh-and-blood people, we are valuable whether we have an online presence, or not. 🙂

    You may enjoy my poem:

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  18. The introspective soul that consistently seeks self-improvement requires no validation from external sources. They recognize their failures, just as easily as their successes. The correct measure for them is that each day they strive to be a better person than the day before. What more could anyone ask of or judge about another human being? Beautifully written and articulated!

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  19. If I felt I had to justify all I did to others I would be leading a miserable life at times. As for doing things to ‘impress’ friends, why would that be necessary? Nice when friends tell you they are going on vacation, not so good if they spend telling you about it before they go. Do you need a special picture for a profile? I laughed at that one, I have never thought that was necessary and what really amuses me is when folks seem to think they have to post a picture of when they were 10 years younger or more! Anyway, your poem actually does raise interesting questions and is well written. 🙂 🙂


  20. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I love this post. Indeed, it’s so easy to get lost in the world of social media. But we all can do better. Awareness such as this is a great start!


  21. I love the poem and also your own views about seeking validation from the world.
    Like you, I also do believe that people can do whatever they feel they ought to do to be happy, whether it be online or not. I also agree that people shouldn’t make assumptions about how other people live their lives. If they love to be in the spotlight and that truly makes them happy, that’s okay. It is also totally okay to choose to live a quiet life separate from what everybody else is doing.

    To each their own. Live and let live. ♥

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  22. I upload pictures sometimes and look at the others. Mine are poor in comparison. Sometimes if I don’t upload I can deceive myself into thinking that my artwork or writing is good. But I’m not an artist and I’m not a writer really. When I look at it honestly myself, it is ugly. Should I seek validation? Well that depends. I could search until I find a place where I can get a compliment, or search for criticism. Are either valid? I don’t know because there are no standards on the internet. Many are self-appointed experts, and many are experts with PhD’s in Nonsense.
    I’ve never had any actual joy. Joy is in my imagination. If I ever had any, I might post a video because I’d want to spread it. Perhaps it would be an educational show-off video: this is how I laugh and you can too.
    My next video: “Here I am on the Moon. Soon we’ll leave from the Moon Base and go to Mars and never come back because we wouldn’t be able to withstand the radiation exposure on the way back. I brought a textbook with me to read on the long trip. It’s paperback to save power. It’s entitled, How to Make Pointless Conversation.“. I must learn not to say anything meaningful because it annoys the others who must stir themselves to say, “Uh, huh, that’s interesting. Look, there are meteor storms; the weather’s not so nice again today. The dried peas came out good today, don’t you think?”

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  23. मैंने कविताएँ जोर से पढ़ीं,
    बेचने के लिए किताबें थीं
    बचाने के लिए चेहरा

    इमारतों के खिलाफ मेरी आवाज गूंज गई
    लगभग भूकंप आ गया
    लेकिन किसी ने अर्थ के लिए नहीं सुना।

    एक पर्यटक ने एक तस्वीर ली
    इसे सागर में पोस्ट किया

    कोई डूब रहा था, और
    आभरणा ने मुझे एक पत्र लिखा

    मैंने “Aabharana” को देखा है।
    शायद “Aabharana” मुझे देख लेगी।

    मेरे पास दिखाने के लिए कई चेहरे हैं।
    डगलस गिल्बर्ट


  24. I would never ever do all those things 😊
    What is the point if we try to live according to the rules set by others? Living in a society there are certain rules to follow but we have to live our lives according to our beliefs.Well expressed.


  25. Sometimes I have to wonder though, if we are reaching out to social media… as I do and so many others for validation, doesn’t that simply say I am not getting enough IRL? Thank you it was a wonderful introspection poem.


  26. Thanks for that wonderful poem. I agree with the essence of it. I don’t want to insult anyone with the following statement, but if I am honest to myself I must say that I do believe “sharing” in the sense of “posting” to social networks is maybe 5 % communication and 95 % [1] feeding ones own insecurity and [2] laziness. By “laziness” I mean this: If you truly were interested in communicating with certain individuals, you’d send them either a personal message or else participate in a group-chat of some kind. “Posting” to the whole world is not really communication between you and your friends/family. It’s lazy. (Once again, I don’t mean to insult anyone. Some people probably manage to use social networks as true communication with friends and family, but I think most would be better off with only individual chats and group-chats. They’d be happier, more secure in themselves and get better relationships.)

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  27. FB likes 💓are fictitious…
    Cos people will notice and attempt to digest your posts even if they don’t LIKE… 🤣🤣🤣
    But u can definitely catch attention by posting something which is not digestable easily… 🤣🤣🤣


  28. You just about summed up every rant that builds at the tip of my tongue every time somebody decides to ask me sh!t about my life. Thanks for a brilliant poem!


  29. Live is changing at very fast pase.. People do love changes and get new experiences. It just depend on us to go with the flow or make other stream out of it!! It up to you, no validation needed ☺😊

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  30. Are you not seeking approval or writing this blog post? Though it may not be a photo or artwork even people who write could be seeking the same approval. Mini basic approval to validate that they are alive. It may be just a fundamental human need. I post photos of mine that I like that I think are good and post for myself. If others see the beauty also going to makes me happy that they are pleased. Sunday not have the opportunity to see some of the things I see. And this may give them that opportunity.
    Nice post.

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  31. Personally, I share with bloggers who enjoy similar interests. At times I feel like I’m involved with a more modern version of National Geographic, whereby I can experience international pics of places I’ll never visit, as well as art and poetry that’s unique to each author. Nice verse.

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  32. We can self-reflect without needing to enter the realm of social media, where there is sometimes a scoreboard keeping track of our scores. Life is more precious than maintaining an image there.

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  33. This reminds of the conversation we were having a few days back.. you put every word with such grace..keep inspiring us.. you go girl..

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  34. This whole thing about seeking approval- it’s really sad that we must live like this. But somehow I think it just happens. That I don’t care what the world says is not impossible but difficult-yes.

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  35. I think sometimes it’s about self expression and it can feel good to be heard and seen in such an overwhelming world – even if it is mostly by friends, people you know in real life or have a genuine contact with online. It doesn’t help to feel we are in competition or that we don’t exist without that external validation. And not everyone is online. Maybe it’s more peaceful without the internet!

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