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Thief of Dreams

Sometimes, I wonder what will happen if our dreams are already changed into reality and someone raises them from the City of Dreams and brings them to the destination. Haha!! I know that, this is just a wishful thinking.

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I wish someone would be mine, In the enclave of thieves

Who would steal a dream, For me to receive

Picked from the city of divine

Blissful and meant to be mine

Hiding from the moon, By walking slow

He puts that dream, near my pillow

When the first ray of dawn knock on

Then this dream starts blooming on

It’s scent awoke me from slumber

It looks at me and says

“I was waiting for you my dear”.


चोरों की बस्ती

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चोरों की बस्ती में कोई अपना मिल जाए
जो सपनों के शहर से एक सपना चुरा लाए।

फिर चाँद की नज़रों से छुपते छुपाते

हौले से उसे मेरे सिरहाने रख जाए।

जब सूरज की पहली किरण मेरी खिड़की पर आए

उसे देख वो सपना फूलों सा खिल जाए।

उसकी भीनी सी खुशबू मुझे नींद से जगाए

मुझे देख वो सपना धीरे से मुस्कुराए।

और मैं शिकायत भरी आँखों से बोलूँ

“नाराज़ हूँ मैं तुमसे इतनी देर से क्यों आए?”.

~ Priyamvada

What you will tell to your dreams, if you get a chance to have a conversation with your unfulfilled desires.

Feel free to give your views in the comment section of this poem.

Please give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.

Let my blog to grow with you.

🌿Spread the Ray of Sunshine🌿



59 thoughts on “Thief of Dreams

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  2. Greetings! This is amazing!! Enjoyed reading every single bit and look forward to reading more! I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on a young individual in the community trying to fight all odds to make his dreams come true and hopefully comment some feedback to improve the writing style. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran

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  3. Beautiful . For you …
    Let the darkness mellow,
    Let the moonlight swallow,
    All the trouble,
    I swear I would not open my eyes
    As you hand them a bubble
    Of dream …of fantasy.. of life

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  4. This poem was so simple and deep at the same time.. I had a smile reading it and also it is so beautiful how you write them in 2 languages… I loved the hindi version too(even better i guess😛). Keep doing this. I hope that your thoughts are actually true😁

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  5. This is really pretty. I think it would make a great full length story. I like the idea of someone plucking good dreams from the sky and whispering them to your heart.

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  6. Beautiful poem. Dreams can be surprising to some of us. Some of my dreams take me back to past people and events (with some of the facts switched around). Some of a bit strange and unusual, but most are pretty benign and free of harm or sadness.

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  7. Hey .. quite impressed with Ur writing..
    I m from Dubai (UAE).
    Alhamdulillah.. I love the way you recites the helm & Ahlam (dream).
    Bettawfeeq habibiti..
    Allah Hafiz..

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  8. Truely adorable one..
    Excellent …
    May be dream is an imagination. But it also compel us for putting an extra effort To make our life better..
    Dream is door to Desire.. Desire embolden us for dedication .. dedication followed by determination .. finally we get what we want….. Dream world…

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  9. If I got to have a conversation with my unfulfilled dreams, I would apologize to them for being born in a country where none of them will ever be able to come true. 🤣 Just kidding, your blog is nice, hello from Caracas, Venezuela.

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  10. Very touching. Keep writing…Amazing lines

    Below lines are dedicated to you :

    फिर वो सपना मेरी आँखो में देखा और बोला,
    कमबख़्त सूरज ने ही आने में देर कर दी वरना मैं तो कब से खडा़ था आपके दीदार को!!

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