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Validation from World

” Experience life through most precious lens, not through the lens of camera and someone’s excellent photography skills.”

Should I upload pictures of myself
In some elegant dress
To get the validation that
I am beautiful

Should I make a video
Every time I dance with joy
To get the validation that
I am happy

Should I proclaim
Yeah!! I am in love
To get the validation that
I also have a cute love story

Should I show you the tickets
Every time I go on a vacation
To get the validation
That I am also having fun

Should I make pointless conversation
With everyone around me
To get the validation
That I am social

Should I behave and talk
In a particular way and language
To get the validation
That I am educated

Should I tell the world
Every moment I breathe
To get the validation
That I am alive

Should I keep buzzing
Yeah! My life is beautiful
Even better than everyone else
To get the validation
That I have an abundant life.

Should I keep begging for validation?
Should I?
Do I really need these validations?


जब जिंदगी जीया तब दुनिया का ख़्याल था,
और जब दुनिया में दिखावा था तब जिंदगी नहीं.”

थाम कर हाथ सरेआम चूम ले तो इश्क़ मत समझना तस्वीरों की मुस्कराहट अक्सर झूटी होती है

चलते हुए राह मुड़ के देख ले तो फिक्र मत समझना
भागने वालों को अक्सर पकड़े जाने का ड़र रहता है

गर चमक रहे हैं चेहरे तो बेदाग़ मत समझना
पहन कर मुखौटे ही अक्सर वारदातें होती हैं

सोने के गहनों से खुद को लाद ले, तो खरा मत समझना

जनाज़ा भी अक्सर फूलों से सजाया जाता है


Sharing your happiness with the world on social media by uploading photographs and videos etc is much appreciated, but creating an opinion that those who are not doing the same are not happy in their lives, is not a sensible act.
Now a days everything is governed by social media, is there any photographs, videos etc are floating on the web or not?
How well anything is being flaunted is directly proportional to the thinking of people.

What you think about this?

Feel free to give your views in the comment section of this poem.

Your comments are precious to me.

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