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Shades of Life

“Among infinite shades of life, you can’t claim any one shade as The best or The worst. Life is so unpredictable.

Soulmate life

Walks with me like my shadow Amalgamated life
Time flies like blink of eyes, though
Unswayed life

Lives in the hope of living and pray
Aspired life
Lost in the memories of yesterday
Ignorant life

Freely savour the present moment
Pithy life
Cherish the future’s golden element
Relentless life

Resonates the music of laughter
Melodious life
Takes the shower of tears
Morose life

But still how beautiful, yet
Accessible life


हमसफ़र जिंदगी

साये की तरह साथ चलती ये
रहगुज़र जिंदगी
मेरे हाथों से छूटता वक्त है फिर भी कितनी
बेअसर जिंदगी

जीने के आस में हरवक्त रहती ये
अग्रसर जिंदगी
कभी कल की याद में खोई हुई ये
बेख़बर जिंदगी

कभी आज को खुल के जीती हुई ये
मुख़्तसर जिंदगी
कल के सुनहरे सपने सजातीे रहती
उम्रभर जिंदगी

हँसी के ठहाकों से गूंजती हुई ये
सुस्वर जिंदगी
तो कभी आँसुओं में रहती है
तरबतर जिंदगी

फिर भी कितनी ख़ूबसूरत है ये
मयस्सर जिंदगी


A beautiful canvas called life , is available to everyone in it’s purest and fullest form. Now it’s up to you that how creatively you are able to fill the colours present around you.

Which shades of life you have experienced the most?

Feel free to give your views in the comment section of this poem.

Please give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks. Let my blog to grow with you.

🌿Spread the Ray of Sunshine🌿



54 thoughts on “Shades of Life

  1. ““Among infinite shades of life, you can’t claim any one shade as The best or The worst. Life is so unpredictable.””

    This was cool. I like the connection(s?). I never would have thought of something like this, with the two parts connected like that.

    Also congratulations on the success of your blog.


  2. Many thanks for liking Transgressions: Poems Inspired by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. It is always nice to meet people with shared interests. I am presuming you write in Hindi and then translate into English. Am I right?

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  3. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    There are many different shades of life presented by the many experiences and influences brought into our surroundings.

    We have one great expectation to grow in our life and to make it better all the time, looking forward to perhaps an unreachable dream.Those who believe in the Divine Creator know that life is fare-most the greatest gift and that life is sealed by the Grace of salvation making us able to live by a still greater expectation of a better world to come. With that hope by the Grace of Salvation we can nurture our personal choice to opt the option of living and enjoy every moment we receive from the Creator. For that life we should be thankful for each blessing in our present life and the other life still to come and hoped for.

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  4. You have written in 2 languages. What is the other language ? It’s very beautiful looking .
    I have experienced that shades of life are coloured by our thoughts . To each their own.. sort of thing

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  5. Yeah, different shades of life.Life is the greatest gift that we received.It our personal choice to opt the option of living.Enjoy and be thankful for each blessings in your life and paint colours to the life accordingly.

    I’m really happy to put a comment here since I used to find that you too read my writings and noted the likes.I would like to deliver my sincere thanks for that..And continue your writings too…

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  6. क्या सच में मयस्सर है जिंदगी। यह तो हाथ छुड़ाती ही नज़र आती है। खूब लिखा है।

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    1. मासूम बच्चे और महबूब दोनों की तरह है जिंदगी

      हाथ पकड़ कर चले तो
      मयस्सर जिंदगी
      और रूठ कर हाथ छुड़ा ले तो
      महशर जिंदगी.😉

      बहुत शुक्रिया आपका 🙏🙂🙂
      With Love

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  7. Really admirable..
    Got mesmerised..
    Hopefully we would see priyamvada as a one of the leading poet of India’ in upcoming days..
    Best of luck..
    We are sure one day Ur persistency will make u thrive poet..

    Liked by 4 people

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