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I have seen the real you

I have seen the darkest day of your life.

I have seen when you deserve claps & nobody even noticed you.

I have seen you smiling but completely broken.

I have seen you fighting when everybody is against you.

I have seen your wings & seen you flying.

I have seen you falling & becoming more stronger.

I have seen your failures & seen your success.

I have seen your care & seen your cruelty.

I have seen your sacrifices & seen your obstinacy.

I have seen your honesty & seen your tricks.

I have seen you innocence & seen you malignant.

I have seen the actual reason behind your every decision.

Because I am the only person who was with you when you were completely alone.

And this one and only person is you, so just be the real you & love yourself.

~ प्रियम्वदा

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