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Belief of Belief

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” Some people who call themselves wise, assume that innocent and honest people are fools. And this particular belief puts a big question mark on their wisdom.”

Yeah, they are sensible
Great and practical
Only believe in being representable
Something which is fashionable

But, Innocence is admirable
No matter what but unalterable
And, they call it laughable
Well, this is questionable
Why it is illogical
Something which is honourable
Not considered as valuable

Never understand this principle
I think it will be terrible
When decency will burst it’s patience-level
Of this deep ocean which is immeasurable

© Priyamvada

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“खुद को समझदार कहने वाले कुछ लोग, भोले और ईमानदार लोगों को मूर्ख मान लेते हैं. और यही धारणा उनके समझदारी पर एक बड़ा प्रश्नचिन्ह लगाती है.”

ता उम्र ख़ुद को ज़हीन कहने वाले
उसकी पाकीज़ा नीयत को बे-अक्ली कहते रहे

हैं जो हज़ार मुखौटे पहने

उसकी सादगी को फ़रसूदा कहते रहे

कोई पूछे तो ये सवाल उनसे
जो तहज़ीब को उसकी कमज़ोरी कहते रहे

न जाने सब्र का बांध कब टूटेगा उसका
जिस समंदर को वो बारिश का पानी कहते रहे

© प्रियम्वदा

In the race of being modern, are we lacking our basic values deeply incorporated into the true meaning of human existence?

Are we focusing on the quantity instead of quality?

What are the basis of our beliefs?

“Being rich, modern, fancy and famous” Are we misinterpreting these terms by replacing the true values with numbers?

What are your views on this?

Feel free to give your views in the comment section of this poem.

Please give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.

Let my blog to grow with you.

🌿Spread the Ray of Sunshine🌿


51 thoughts on “Belief of Belief

  1. This looks a lot like a class I teach. Wisdom is understanding other’s capabilities and helps rather than judge. Judging blows the bridges to a higher comprehension because knowledge comes in many shapes


  2. I like the way that your poem provokes thoughts about values. We all end up with sets of values, often without a great deal of thought as to how we acquired those values, or whether our beliefs and actions complement or contradict 🙂

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  3. Don’t watch so called wisdom as there is something arrogant attached, success is not material and wisdom is only relevant when on a journey of consciousness that when discovered is extremely personal and needs no approval from anyone, sweet post, innocence was my children growing and is beautiful

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  4. Nice poem! Yes, our society is too focused on quantity, newness, and instant gratification as well as gossip and trolls. Instead of focusing on the issues that need answers, society waits eagerly for the next news bit on what stupid mistakes have been made or who said what to so-n-so.

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  5. Yes so true and so sad. We are a culture consumed with things, bigger, better, and more and more. My husband and I try very hard to break that pattern. It is not a good one. We live a modest life, buy what we can only afford and really try and help others. We also do mission work in Haiti when we get the opportunity. That is a gift for ourselves.

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    1. Your efforts and the steps you are taking for improving the quality of your life as well as others lives is really appreciable. Keep up the good work.
      Thank you so much for your sincere read and comment. Feeling blessed.☺
      With love


    1. सराहने के लिए बहुत धन्यवाद आपका m’am ☺, जानकर खुशी हुई की आपको हिन्दी कविता पसंद आई.🙏🙂

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  6. People have become very self-centered and focus only on themselves and care little about others except their own descendents. This leads to a culture of greed and self satisfaction. This ultimately leads to wars who’s true objective is take the natural resources of others and enslave them.

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  7. Commendable way… But this Reality prevail in our society somehow there is also a better way to look for good one…though our ethics still live in us

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  8. I think humanity is swinging back to the idea of “me” and “only my beliefs are important.” There is a consistent lack of seeing life through other people’s eyes which is creating divided lines and increased tension.

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