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Childhood Friend

Something is missing in the modern lifestyle. The dazzle of city robbed my childhood friend, without whom I can’t imagine my childhood.

I still have his glimpse in some old photographs

That tree, which was present in my courtyard

I still have some memories of that little bird

when seen her nest, how happily I jumped

I Still have the shadows of that swing

How fun it was while playing

Yeah, I still have some broken pieces of them

But my friend, furnitures are just wood can’t give same feeling as them

I still have the habit of writing tales

But, yet not written anything as beautiful as my childhood tales.


उस शजर का जिक्र होता है कुछ पुरानी तस्वीरों में
कभी जो मेरे घर के आँगन में हुआ करता था.

बात उस चिड़िया की भी होती है बचपन के किस्सों में
के कैसे मैं उसके घोसले को देख कर उछल पड़ी थी.

और वो झूला तो मैं आज तक नहीं भूल पायी
जिसे हम बच्चों ने बड़ी जद्दोज़हत से लगाया था.

हाँ उस शजर के कुछ बेजान से टुकड़े आज भी पड़े हैं
पर जनाब,फर्निचरों में उस शजर जैसी कोई बात कहाँ

~ Priyamvada

Who is your childhood friend without whom you can’t imagine your childhood.

Feel free to give your views in the comment section of this poem.

Please give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks. Let my blog to grow with you.

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58 thoughts on “Childhood Friend

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  2. This post has a deep mysterious rhythm to it which immediately teleported me to old memories. Life gets so complex as we grow and desire more. Blessed were those days of innocence when getting lost was the only worry. Although we are alone and actually lost in this maze of life now yet have distanced ourselves from the swing on that tree. Very beautifully and practically portrayed.


  3. A drastic change in life circumstances cannot be overlooked on this topic. Unfortunately when I moved from Ohio to Florida at age 13, I never saw my best friend Mark again.

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  4. those who were young before the computer and social media existed often do not know what happened to their childhood-friends and know a lot of friends who left this world already. Also present days we see diminishing because of death taking them away from us.

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  5. The trees at recess beside the bog
    Where we played our games of Olympian gods
    Running through as fast as fast
    Escaping the present into the past
    Piles of pine tags form rooms of play
    Kitchen and social and maybe one day
    A home for me and for my friend
    Dreaming of friendship than never would end
    Dragons live forever, but not so little girls
    Years spin out threads, planet twirls
    Who we are now, why aren’t we the same
    As who we were then in childhood game

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  6. When I was a little girl we had an oak tree beside our pond. My brother planted it when he was little so I never knew it as a particularly big tree but it had one long, sturdy branch which we could sit astride. Yes, it was my fantasy horse, being flexible I would bounce it low to the ground and then push my strong little feet as hard as I could and swing the branch up. I was always talking to myself, gifting the tree my childhood stories.

    burble, burble pond
    whisper, whisper leaves
    pass these stories on

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  7.     I’m interested in the dedication before the poem. Could you incorporate it into the poem? It might be interesting, or do you disagree? It might be difficult, but I’m thinking it could be something similar to this:
    Yeah, I still have the broken pieces he left behind
    when he leaped from the swing one day
    into a city of dazzles and dangers…
    What do you think?

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  8. Sach me wo Bachpan kuch khas tha.
    Hatheli choti thi Lekin ushse se Puri duniya Ko muthi me karne ka junoon tha..

    Kuch bhi namumkin nhi lagta tha.. sapno me itna bharosha tha..
    Dosti Dil se Hoti thi stature se nhi..

    Pal me hste the pal me rote the..
    Maa k samjhane pe Rona bhul k hassne lagte the..

    Aaj psychiatrist bhi hasa nhi pate hai.. depression pills bhi depression Mita nhi pate hai..
    Bachpan me roj subah need se utha ti thi..
    Aaj need k intezaar me subah ho jati hai..

    Yr Bachpan sahi tha..
    Isliye nhi ki jimmedari nd accountability nhi thi ..
    Balki is liye .. ush waqt hum Dil se sochte the Lekin bato Ko Dil pe nhi lete the..

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    1. Koshish dil se ki jaye toh aaj bhi thoda toh muskuraya ja sakta hai,
      Jhole bhar na sahi mutthi bhar sapno ko apna banaya ja sakta hai.
      Par museebat ye hai ke practicality ke naam pe excuses jyada diye ja rhe hain shayed.
      Thanks for sharing such beautiful words. 🙂

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