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I support non-violence, Together we can make a healthy and prosperous nation.
Violence even through words should be condemned.
Happy Holi India. Let’s bring some प्यार के रंग. 🎨

अजीब सा नशा है वादी में

सब बेहोशी में जाम पीये जा रहे हैं

ये नहीं इल्म के वो क्या हैं

फिर भी उनका ही नाम लिए जा रहे हैं ।।

अजीब सा नशा है वादी में

सब बेहोशी में जाम पीये जा रहे हैं।

ये इल्म नहीं के उन्हें मोहब्बत किससे है

फिर भी आपस में ही लड़े जा रहे हैं।।

कब बात होगी वादी-ए-अमन की

हम ये सोच कर बेताब हुए जा रहें

वहाँ कुछ लोग अब भी

चाकू की धार,और तेज किये जा रहे हैं।

अजीब सा नशा है वादी में

सब बेहोशी में जाम पीये जा रहे।।


26 thoughts on “Violence

    1. No m’am, This image is taken from Google.
      I also have interest in creating my own artwork but not posted here yet. Very few of the images posted here are clicked by me but for this particular artwork the credit goes to google. 🙂

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  1. Priyamvada Ji… Your humanitarian approach and pursuance for non violent society by your writing is commendable..
    An excerpt from your poem..(behoshi me jam piye ja rahe hai.)
    Is quintessential of brain washed youth of valley..

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  2. Violence is always outburst consequences of injustice, intolerant, inequality, religious & creed staunch and atrocities against innocent and downtrodden.
    If we want to eliminate violence..
    Firm action must be taken against all those who manhandled innocent and expolite them.. and also against those radical militant group who do the brain wash of naive on the name of cast religion and creed. -(provoke terrorism)..

    No one want to be indulged in the war and to lift armour only their circumstances force them to do so..

    Good education, fair career opportunities, strengthening the human rights, equality, could curb violence..

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    1. Agree with you Adarsh, but my emphasis is on the roughness and rigidity of conceptions. Is this, not violence?
      Because external circumstances may change in future but only you can change yourself from inside.
      Remember, peace is our common desire.

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