एहसास · Last phase of Darkness

Last phase of Darkness

Hoping for dawn is very common ritual among dreamers, who strongly believes that one day this dark- night will end and ray of sunshine will appear.

When you can’t see even your shadow

When the the world can’t see you

When the eyes are searching for light

Within yourself ,just go deep inside

You will slowly feel a ray of sunshine

Coming from the hidden corners of your inner self

Struggling to come out of you

Fighting with the dust of your thoughts

Piercing the gloom around you

And you will find it difficult to believe

But this is your only silver lining

No matters what, but it is shining

The commencement of brightness

This is the last phase of darkness.

ये कैसा सवेरा

चारों तरफ एक गहरा अंधेरा था

हो रहा ये कैसा सवेरा था।

टूट के बिखरे हुए जो सपने थे

शीशों ने उनके रोशनी बिखेरा था

चारों तरफ एक गहरा अंधेरा था

हो रहा ये कैसा सवेरा था।।

उस रात मेरा साया भी तो साथ नहीं था

कंधे पे चांदनी का भी तो हाथ नहीं था

फिर भी कैसा ये बिखरा उजाला था

किससे पूछुँ तब कोई ना मेरा था

चोरों तरफ एक गहरा अंधेरा था

हो रहा ये कैसा सवेरा था।।

उस रात जाना दस्तूर दुनिया का

रौशनी के पीछे भागती इस मजबूर दुनिया का

अंधेरे जब खुद के अंदर होंगे तो किसी और से उजाले की चाह होगी

पर क्यों ना हम खुद को ही ऐसा काबिल बनायें

की गहरे अंधेरे में भी दूसरों को रास्ता दिखायें ।।



23 thoughts on “Last phase of Darkness

  1. Hauntingly beautiful. I love that you compose your poetry in two different languages.
    Oh, how I wish I could read them both! My mind wonders at all of the ways they might be the same, might be different.
    Cheers, love.
    ~ Adeline

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    1. Thanks a lot for such a beautiful compliment.
      Well! both poems are same but written in a different way, in this particular blog.
      I love reading and writing poetry in three different languages.
      But only English is the common language between both of us.
      Thanks for reading.
      Feeling blessed 😊😊

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  2. ये कविता ऊर्जा से भरी हुई है । एक बार को सोचने पे मजबूर कर देने वाली । और जो सबसे खास बात है , वो है एहसास , उसकी कमी नही होने दी आपने । शुक्रिया इन खूबसूरत लफ्ज़ो के लिए । अपनी कोशिशें जारी रखिये । may god bless you with new words .

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  3. Mind boggling Magnum opus…

    I agree..
    Like a law of attraction..
    If we are grateful for whatever we have..
    Negativity will get vanished like a puff of smoke..

    We human are eternal source of energy..
    Gratitude turn our energy in eternal source of positivity..

    Always think that I m grateful for whatever I have.. I am eternal source of positivity.. feel like that I m greatest person ever born on this planet and I m thankful for all the people nd circumstances..

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