A Brand New Second · life

A Brand New Second

“A New Beginning”
Let me repeat it one more time,
“A Brand New Beginning”
Really ?
Beginning of what ?
Is it means a fresh start of something?
something for which we were eagerly waiting .
But why we were waiting for a Dawn instead of enjoying the hours of Darkness with avidity.
Let me tell you why,
Because we always want a surprising reversal in life.
Everybody wants to have second bite of the Apple.

But when i say ” A Brand New Second ”
Yeah, I am talking about basic unit for time – A second.
What’s comes in your mind?
Is it excites you that much?
If it is not enlivening you, then you need to think about this.
Because the first light of dawn happens in that very second and every new breath is beginning of life.
So whenever you need a fresh start in life, just take deep breath and here you go with a New Beginning.
And the fresh canvas is available for you.
Go ahead .


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